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February 22, 2013 / petri

Urbana IMC, Up In The Air!

Urbana IMC was the seventh barnraising. The amazing activists there had just bought the old post office building, but did not have the cash on hand for a real tower, so we put up a little one on the roof.  Problem was, that tower never cleared the rooftops of the other buildings around, and the coverage always stank.  So, I got hired to lead the effort to put up a new tower this fall. Instead of the standard tower in the air picture, here i am going to put a picture of where a lot of the real action was, underground: below is the complex set of forms we had to build so that the concrete formed a 16 by 16  foot block underground, with three pillars rising out of it.  the bolts had to be set with just a 1/16 inch tolerance, so that the tower leg would fit on top of it!