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Radio Engineer. Policy Advocate. Troublemaker...


Some things I’ve written about why we do the things we do for community media:

A Radio Station In Your Hands Is Worth 200 Channels Full of Mush

by Dr. Kate Coyer and Pete Tridish. Our most definitive article with the history of the early pirate and LPFM movement, Published in the book News Incorporated.

Put Your Hands On The Radio

by Sakura Saunders, Zach Schiller, and Pete Tridish

A guide to starting a community radio station, published in the book Be The  Media

Estamos Montados En El Burro

My observations on the new media laws in Venezuela and the Community Media movement in 2006.

Radio Controlled: A Media Activist’s Guide to the FCC

Written and re-written with various co-cionspirators over the years,  an explanation of how media policy is made.

Radio’s Year of Reckoning

A guest editorial I did for Radio World, asking  the commercial radio world to come to terms with Radio’s bastard stepchild,  LPFM

The Prometheus Radio Paradox

An introduction to a collection of stories and articles about Prometheus.

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