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Radio Engineer. Policy Advocate. Troublemaker...


Pete Tridish is a radio engineer, a policy advocate, and an all around troublemaker. If you’d like him to help with any of that sort of thing, especially troublemaking, contact

Workshops I can teach:

Building an itty bitty transmitter

Building a ten watt transmitter

Building a 150 watt transmitter

Building an antenna

Design a simple studio

Building a studio

Introduction to radio law

Introduction to radio engineering

How governments allocate radio channels

Preparing your group to start a radio station

Radio and social movements

History of radio

Basic electronics

Rates: What I charge for services depends not so much on the market value of my skills, but more based on what the people I am working with make. If you are an all volunteer project, I will work for reimbursement of  expenses. If professionals are involved, then I will charge appropriately.  Obviously, I receive a large volume of volunteer project requests, and I can only afford do a fraction of them. contact me for details.

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